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Hit me up some time if your in the south and lets go climb!!

fuck yeah pay day

Johanna secretly likes being told what to do. It’s a secret because she’s so bossy. pass it on.

leklylek said: Norco

I’m lookin into em! I really like how the Charger 9.3 looks but I’m trying to decide if I wanna keep saving and get the Faze 9.3. Which one do you have?? pro’s and cons??

Fuck Yeah MTB

I started a mountain bike blog so I’d stop spamming yous guys. You should follow it :)

Climbing at Fosters yesterday was great. We got on all new routes, got a new project, and may have found one of the best routes there! Johanna and I were both pretty sore from bouldering at Adrenaline but had a great time any who.

The project should go next time we’re there. It’s an 11b called Snake Charmer which has a really bouldery move to get over the lip.

The really good route is called Saved by Zeroes (10b/c), about 70 ft tall, and super fun. It’s mostly smaller holds or a bit open handed but really good. I tried the start probably 6 times before getting off the ground but get the rest of it, damn you blank starts! 


Turns out the REI employee discount does not apply to bikes other than Novara since that is REI’s brand. So alas I will not be getting the Scott Scale 960 as I wanted at first, but I am now looking at the Novara Ponderosa. It’s actually quite comparable and is cheaper :D I’m going to test it out in the morning and see how it feels, can’t wait! Johanna can only buy things for people as gifts and will get a talking to otherwise so I must wait till October :/


I think I’ve concluded that I’m going to get the Scale Scale 970 :) Of course this could still change…


The Struggle Within: An Autobiography

So I’m still looking around for a new mountain bike and the more I look the harder it is to decide, but at least I’ll get a really good one and be happy with it when I finally get it.

I’ve tried out two bikes so far, the Trek X-caliber 4 and a Cannondale Trail 4. I really like the look of the Trek but it has mechanical disc brakes which turns out are not that good, I squeezed the brakes and kept going. The Cannondale has hydrolic disc brakes which work fantastically, had really good suspension, was really light, and was a lot of fun to ride, I’m just not a huge fan of how it looks (kinda bulky). The Trail 4 is $850 and the X-cal 4 is $550 BUT since Johanna works at REI I can get 30% off the Trail 4. Both are hard tails (front suspension only)

THEN I stumbled across the Giant FX Yukon, a full suspension bike for only $1050. Obviously getting a full suspension bike would be better (more comfy going through rough terrain) so I’m really considering just waiting longer and getting that one. BUT THEN I CAME ACROSS ANOTHER BIKE which is a Scott Spark 960 at REI (what up 30% off) but is $1,899 before the discount (1329.3 after discount) but is so fucking nice. It would be really hard to justify spending the kinda money on a bike right now though.

So basically my price point keeps going up and up trying to get a better bike because I mean once i buy it I’ll have it for a few years so I want to enjoy it. They’re so expensive though ugh. Now a visual progression of my bike wanting:


Trek X-caliber 4 ($550)


Cannondale Trail 4 ($849)


Giant FX Yukon ($1050)


Scott Spark 960 ($1899)

I really want either the Giant or Scott but spending that much money on a bike right now just doesn’t seem responsible uuuuugh.

I haven’t been on the internet in 5 DAYS guys I don’t know how I’ve survived.

I had to wake up at 4:30 to work 5:30-8 this morning. Now to Fosters for the first dayof of sport climbing for the season!!