My life as a climber and what I encounter along the way. What a journey it's been since I've taken up climbing as my passion....

Hit me up some time if your in the south and lets go climb!!

In an effort to increase my cash flow I’m going to start exotic dancing for cats. Cats only.

Cost: $50/hr + travel and lodging expenses. 

The guy that covered my shift this past Friday had his car keys taken off the desk and his car stolen… Can’t wait to gtf outa here!


Applied for 3 jobs in less than 25 mins what up.

…I really want the Black diamond one…


Applied for 3 jobs in less than 25 mins what up.

…I really want the Black diamond one…

I interviewed for a full time position here about 1.5 months ago. Since then I have been trying to contact my boss for an update.

This morning I,along with the other people in my department, received an e-mail from her saying that she has hired 6 new people to help with shift coverage during the time that the full time position would have been.

I can not put into words how frustrated I am that she drug us all along for this amount of time only to hire other people.

I have still not received an email saying that I did not get the job.

Do not work for the YMCA. Ever. I deal with the most unprofessional supervisors I have ever met. There are many a story I could tell of the disrespectful and deceiving practices all of the directors here are guilty of, but there’s just not enough time in the day.

Luckily I have my laptop with me today so I can get paid to job search! :D

Working 10 hrs today, 10 hours tomorrow, 9 hours Sunday. I would be happy about this if my job didn’t blow so hard…

Today I mountain biked the shit outa some trails. I think it was a PR :)

Tomorrow will be climbing in Chattanooga, maybe trad at Sunset Park in the AM and hard sport at Castle Rock in the afternoon, no matter what though it’ll be hella fun.

Then Wednesday I’m going to stone Summit to sign paper work to start working! The Kennesaw location opens in late Fall which is really close to where I live so I’m basically going to live there. I’m hoping I’ll be able to move up to manager or some other full time position really quickly, be able to move closer, and then bike commute everywhere :) 

I farted and bae says ‘wow you have bad breath’….

Can’t wait for The Red Nov. 5-11. Plenty of time to train up. I have 3 routes I’m confident I’ll be able to red point this trip which would be killer to get three more 12’s in that short time span :)