My life as a climber and what I encounter along the way. What a journey it's been since I've taken up climbing as my passion....

Hit me up some time if your in the south and lets go climb!!

Finally got my Crank Bros pedals on my bike! Clipping in is half the battle…


Farewell Lander, Wyoming. You will be missed!

Miss you :’(


Farewell Lander, Wyoming. You will be missed!

Miss you :’(

After showering 3 times in almost 2 weeks, I can’t wait to shower at home tonight :)

Also note to self: open a restaurant named Toots: A Bean Bar.

Atlanta -> St. Louis -> Boulder -> Estese Park -> Lander

Might not come back.

Hey climbers!!

So Johanna and I are heading out to Colorado and Wyoming next month and would REALLY appreciate your help in finding someone’s couch to crash on.

We’re hoping to leave Monday the 30th (of June) and stay in/around Nashville, TN that night so if anyone is from around that area hit us up!

Then we’ll be in Boulder/Estes Park, CO for 1 or 2 days after that so if you’re in that area… Let’s hang out :)

Re-reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone like ‘stomp out Scabbers now you idiots.’

My job is more boring than yours.

Scored some Shimano mountain bike shoes at the thrift store today for $6.31, suck it Scratch and Dent.

Though at this past Scratch and Dent I got a new water bottle cage, saddle, small air pump for the trail, and some Crank Brothers Cady 1 pedals, making it the best sale I’ve been to.

Can’t wait to use the pedals next time I get out!!

On the way to see Kishi Bashi woooooooo!!

Got Saturday morning off to hit up scratch and dent, hope there’s some good pedals, mtb shoes, and sneakers!!