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          I watched a bit of the Xterra Triathlon the other day and it really made me want to enter another event. I participated in a sprint triathlon a little while ago and had a lot of fun but the swimming portion wasn’t really for me, so now I’ve decided that I want to do an adventure duathlon: trail running and mountain biking.

          I found an event that will be on Oct. 25 at some local trails that would be a lot of fun. Since the race is so close to Halloween they are encouraging people to dress up. Johanna had the idea that dressing like Miss Gulch (the evil neighbor in The Wizard of Oz) which would be HILARIOUS to ride with a basket on my bike with a stuffed dog during the bike with some kind of costume.

          The event starts with a 6 mile bike, then 3 mile run, then another 6 mile bike. I started trailing the other day with a 13.6 mile ride, then a 1 mile run when I got home which felt great beside a sore knee from a crash in the trails. This was my first time running in quite a while so I’m really please with being able to pick-up somewhere near where I left off with my pace. Can’t wait to keep training!

          During my mountain bike ride I was trying to maintain a mentality of pushing myself physically and technique/skill wise. I eventually came to the log ride I haven’t tried before and decided to give it a go. Just after the ramp leading in the log has been hacked away, probably to deter beginners (even though it’s on the advanced trail), to the point that there’s a bit of a lip to clear to not get stuck. Since this was my first time trying it I wasn’t aware of the lip and my bike came to a complete stop, back wheel lifting off the log, and a fell to the side while clipped in. My calf nailed the log and was sore the nest of the day and I seemed to twist my knee a little bit too.

          Besides that it was one of the best rides I’ve had in awhile. I rode all three trails, starting with an advanced trail, then an intermediate, then the other advanced trail. The intermediate trail was great because after the harder of the two advanced trails, the intermediate was quite easy and I rode faster and with better technique than ever before. I didn’t know the distance before starting, but it turned out to be 13.6 miles total. I love pushing myself and finding out what I’m capable of.

          Johanna and I went to Sandrock yesterday and although neither of us felt 100%, it turned out to be a really good day. We got on a route called Ascention which is basically bouldering on rope and I flashed it after not being able to stick the crux last time. The whole route, short as it may be, felt easier than it ever had before. Really being able to feel progress in strength and technique is such great motivation. We ended the day with a really fun technical face route that will hopefully go once it cools down a bit.

Sorry this was such a novel! Haha.

Ate two lunches today, think I give a fuck? Gratata.

TBT to when Johanna and I met Kelly and her hubby Sam. We also met their families and her dad asked if we were swingers saying “I’m old but I’m ready to go.” Hilarious.

Finally got my Crank Bros pedals on my bike! Clipping in is half the battle…


Farewell Lander, Wyoming. You will be missed!

Miss you :’(


Farewell Lander, Wyoming. You will be missed!

Miss you :’(

After showering 3 times in almost 2 weeks, I can’t wait to shower at home tonight :)

Also note to self: open a restaurant named Toots: A Bean Bar.

Atlanta -> St. Louis -> Boulder -> Estese Park -> Lander

Might not come back.

Hey climbers!!

So Johanna and I are heading out to Colorado and Wyoming next month and would REALLY appreciate your help in finding someone’s couch to crash on.

We’re hoping to leave Monday the 30th (of June) and stay in/around Nashville, TN that night so if anyone is from around that area hit us up!

Then we’ll be in Boulder/Estes Park, CO for 1 or 2 days after that so if you’re in that area… Let’s hang out :)

Re-reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone like ‘stomp out Scabbers now you idiots.’

My job is more boring than yours.